Hyundai Elantra Oil Change

Hyundai Elantra Oil Change 


Chicago Hyundai Elantra Oil Change Chicago Hyundai Elantra Oil Change Chicago Hyundai Elantra Oil Change Chicago Hyundai Elantra Oil Change

Gregory Hyundai provides unsurpassed service and products to our customers in Chicagoland and the surrounding areas as the leading regional Hyundai Dealer. As the heart of your vehicle, your Hyundai Elantra’s engine’s hundreds of moving parts are working together to make your vehicle move.  Perhaps the single most important maintenance that you can perform to keep your vehicle running is having your oil changed according to your Elantra’s manufacturer’s recommendations.  As the parts in your engine work together, they create tremendous heat through friction. The heat can actually melt these parts engine parts together without an oil change. The oil in your Hyundai Elantra keeps the moving parts of your engine lubricated and reduces the heat. In addition to that, motor oil also helps the engine work more efficiently. The engine oil is the life-blood of your vehicle’s heart – your engine! Gregory Hyundai believes the best advice to consumers is to follow the guidelines provided in your Elantra’s owner’s manual, but, a good rule of thumb is to schedule oil changes every 3,000 miles or three months. Everyone knows that through normal driving, the constant heat in the engine begins to break down the oil. Eventually, over time, small bits of debris and dirt can get into the oil causing it to become less slippery so that it doesn’t protect the engine as well. In order to keep your engine working its best and avoid costly repairs down the road, make sure your engine is protected at all times and come in to Gregory Hyundai for an oil change.

Hyundai Elantra Oil Change Specials

Lately, Chicago Hyundai Elantra owners have been bringing in their Elantras to Gregory Hyundai to have their oil changed. Our capable mechanics are able to take care of your oil change while they are servicing your Elantra during regular maintenance. Rather than having a drive-through oil-change amateur, who will typically try to sell extra parts and services by simply reading you a list of parts that are due to be replaced according to your car’s maintenance schedule, Gregory Hyundai’s mechanics pay closer attention to the actual condition of a part when deciding to replace it. Remember that having your oil changes done at Gregory Hyundai makes much better sense than going to a drive-through specialty shop, because regular inspections by an experienced mechanic who is familiar with your Hyundai Elantra can save you thousands of dollars over the life of your Elantra!

Hyundai Elantra Oil Change Service

You can rely upon Gregory Hyundai’s mechanics to thoroughly inspect your brakes, suspension and exhaust systems with each and every oil change. We take to heart the old adage that “An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure” by diagnosing problems early in order to prevent the kinds of breakdowns that can lead to big repair bills and even car accidents in the future. Be assured, every car has maintenance needs specific to its make, model and mileage. So, when you are looking to have work done on your Elantra, you are going to need to have a Gregory Hyundai expert who knows and understands Elantras inside and out! Besides the regular oil changes, we suggest that it’s also a good idea to have your tires rotated at 6,000-mile intervals, or with every other oil change in order to avoid the excessive wear in one spot that can lead to blowouts. It is true that owning a car can be a pricey proposition; however, you can avoid paying too much for car repairs by keeping your Elantra well maintained. Why not give us a call today to schedule an appointment with our service department for an oil change?

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