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Bankruptcy Friendly Car Dealership in Illinois


Bankruptcy Friendly Car Dealership in Illinois


Gregory Hyundai’s large inventory and wide selection of models, along with our competitive pricing, allow us to make you a great deal on the Hyundai of your choice. Gregory Hyundai, Chicago’s premier Hyundai dealership, has a goal to assist our customers in making confident decisions. Our friendly, competent staff members are here to answer your questions and listen to your needs. We’re here to help with your search. No matter if you come to us knowing the exact model and options you want with financing already in hand, or you haven't made your choice and you need help with the loan, we are prepared to work with you.  Gregory Hyundai’s Second Chance Finance Department has access to loan programs designed to fit within your budget. Whether you have perfect credit or your credit is rough around the edges, we will work hard to get you financed.  Gregory Hyundai serves customers throughout the Chicagoland area and surrounding suburbs.  Our dealership will customize an auto loan solution that’s right for your situation.  Because we have the ability to help our customers who need a Second Chance in today’s credit crunch, Gregory Hyundai is equipped to finance consumers across all credit types – good credit; bad credit; first auto loan; and no credit!  Trust us, you can be helped!

It’s time to create a new beginning!  Your past should never impede the prospects of your future. Sadly, past bankruptcies can affect the lives of many.  Many lenders consider such borrowers risky business.  Gregory Hyundai applauds the courage of individuals who have come out of bankruptcy.  As a result, we offer post-bankruptcy auto loans.  Gregory Hyundai will get you back on track and provide you a Second Chance Loan to reestablish your credit score. Grab this Second Chance and don’t let a bad credit score spoil your desire to buy a Hyundai.  Many high- risk car-loan-lenders are not so willing to give customers a Second Chance to finance a car. Most of these lending sources are not available to the general public. Not every dealership offers Second Chance car loans, so it’s critical that you find a dealer who does, before you complete an auto financing application. If you apply with a dealer who does not offer high risk auto loans, you run the risk of lowering your credit score with unnecessary credit bureau inquiries.  This is the reason why you need to seek the skilled, professional expertise of the financing staff at Gregory Hyundai if you have declared bankruptcy in the past.  We can help you navigate the rough waters of financing and assist you in reeling in a Second Chance loan.

Everyone realizes that the economic growth has plummeted and so has the ability of the average consumer to make regular payments.  Irregular monthly payments and an increasing fear of bankruptcy have already taken a huge toll on peoples’ credit scores.  An excellent credit score has recently become something of a myth.  This translates into meaning that borrowers with poor credit scores are increasing by leaps and bounds.  The end results are that stringent lending rules have been put into place in order to abate high risks.  Ridiculously high interest rates, huge down payment amounts and compulsory cosigner loans are all immediate consequences of the severe lending criteria.  This bleak situation has curbed the enthusiasm for buying a car. But, Gregory Hyundai wants you to know that purchasing a car is an achievable task.  Come on into Gregory Hyundai’s showroom, if you’ve gone through bankruptcy, and let us show you how we can place you behind the wheel of the car you want with one of our Second Chance Loans!