Six Ways To Winterize Your Vehicle

Winter is now upon us and with the season comes snow, ice, and below freezing weather. Besides preparing your house, boats, and yards for the chilly season you should also plan on preparing your vehicle for the cooler weather. How? Here are six ways.

  1. Change Your Tires

    The best protection against the icy and snowy roads are good winter tires. All seasons are a good second option, but you should never head into the winter season, especially here in Illinois, with summer tires. Winter tires are designed specifically for snow and ice.

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Newly Redesigned Hyundai Sonata Surprises

Hyundai Sonata Driving Modes

  • Comfort: In comfort mode you will receive the best driving experience with smooth shifting and easy driving.
  • ECO: In ECO mode you will take full advantage of the Sonata's fuel efficient capabilities, reducing fuel consumptions, and traveling further than ever.
  • Sport: Take your drive to the next level with sport mode that tunes the driving experience for an exhilarating ride.
  • Smart: In smart mode let the Sonata use its brains to identify what's best for your current driving conditions based on your driving style.
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2018 Genesis G80 Sport gets the G90's twin-turbocharged V6 LICENSE


For 2018, Genesis has revised the whole 
G80 lineup with a few small tweaks to interior and exterior design, but the real news is the new G80 Sport trim. The new model offers a significantly different looking, and probably different feeling, car. The changes start outside with more aggressive front and rear bumpers, as well as new sideskirts. The front bumper has sprouted a pair of vents between the upper and lower grille, along with…
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